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More than 25 years using forests responsibly

The forest is our home, a source of food, natural medicines and it is our economic sustenance. For this reason, residents of the Parinari native community decided to found the Esperanza Natural Forest Management Association (AMBNE) in 1997, to manage the aguajales found within the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve (RNPS), using techniques of sustainable use, such as the “Super II” manual climber, which would change the destructive way used until then. Today, thanks to this tool invented by us, we preserve our aguajeles and offer you a 100% natural product that cares for and revitalizes your skin and hair: Buriti oil.

Sustainability, quality and harmony

At AMBNE we work on the sustainable management and use of natural resources, producing and making quality products in harmony with the environment and commitment to the Amazon communities.

Our look to the future

To be leaders in the sustainable management, use, production and marketing of Amazonian products at a national and international level, being references for other associations and communities in the Amazon.

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