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We are a responsible association with nature. We use good harvesting practices, planning reforestation and natural repopulation actions. Thanks to our Management Plan, we guarantee the sustainability of the aguajales of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve (RNPS). To do this, we extract the fruits in the correct quantity, size and area, in accordance with our harvesting contract. In addition, we created a manual climber that we call "Super II", which allows us to take advantage of the fruit without knocking down the palm tree.

With all these actions we become allies of conservation to offer you a quality product, the use of which does not affect the balance with nature.

Our foundations of sustainability

  • Management plan. We have a management plan approved by the National Service of State Protected Areas - SERNANP, which is our guide to sustainably manage and use the aguajales within the management area.

  • Use contract. We have a contract with the Peruvian State, which authorizes us to use, for commercial purposes, the aguajales of the management area.

  • “Super II” climber. We use this tool that was created in 1999 by us, the Flores brothers, founding partners of AMBNE. This climber revolutionized the way of taking advantage of the water that is more than 30 meters high without having to take it down. Today, it is used by communities at a regional, national and international level.


  • Reforestation activities. We reforest 3 hectares a year with seedlings that come from the natural regeneration of the forest, as part of our commitment to the forest.


  • Communal surveillance. We constantly monitor the sector we use to take advantage of the water. This way we ensure that invaders and illegal extractors do not attack the forests that are in our care.

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